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Black Tie/ White Noise

01.06.24 DAYS OF BOWIE poster final.jpg
January 6th, 2024
Jack London Revue, Portland, OR
Early Show: Doors 6PM | Show 7PM
Late Show: Doors 9PM | Show 9:30PM


The first installment in The Days of Bowie Series for 2024 will be "Black Tie/ White Noise"

Join us for the fourth installment of Black Tie/White Noise, where The Christopher Brown Quartet will perform David Bowie’s seminal groundbreaking studio album, Aladdin Sane, in its entirety. 


Recorded while touring his breakout out LP “Ziggy Stardust”, this album was intended to softly distance himself from the Ziggy persona. The distinguishing vibe of this LP is the presence of Mike Garson, who’s jazz influence expanded Bowie's experimental horizons, making this a perfect work for The Christopher Brown Quartet to explore, interpret and perform. 


To compliment this set, The Christopher Brown Quartet will also play a selection of David Bowie classics and deep cuts.


While the Christopher Brown Quartet has been active since 2014, it has arguably been the busiest Jazz group in Portland since 2017. And just like his father [Mel Brown] before him, Christopher has been on a quest to further infuse the Portland Jazz scene with as many of the same musical and cultural sensibilities as is to be found within the NYC Jazz scene. However, what separates this group from many others (in and outside of Portland), is the degree to which their sensibilities are entrenched within the NYC sound of the 1990's, which was marked by a youthful exuberance towards being steeped in as much of the history of music as possible, so as to use those same insights to agitate the boundaries of conventional thought.


So given that David Bowie's approach to music follows the same ethos, is why it's so fitting to have the Christopher Brown Quartet navigate his music, so as to further push against the edges of what people would normally expect from Bowie himself."


Join us for the ElectricBowieLand Dance Lounge, the official afterparty for Black Tie/ White Noise at Electric Burgerland, the charged new diner inside the Rialto. A great place to hang out after the early show or before (and after) the late show!


Come on! Pray to the light machine while DJ Gregarious plays all the Bowie & Bowie adjacent hits in a lounge twisting storm!


January 6th, 2023

Electric Burgerland (Inside Rialto)

8:30PM- Midnight

Free | 21+

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